Extremism is for Everyone AND MY SCHEDULE

Hey guys, I mentioned in this video that I am planning on heading out to the American Atheist Convention in Salt Lake City, I also plan on going to a few meet ups as they are scheduled. I am not sure about when, as the group I am in that organizes them has one planned but no dates set in stone yet.


Me, Myself, And The Truth

Good day my fellow humans,

My name is Ben, I am a American, born in Fairfax County Virginia, and have lived in many different states throughout this country. My father is a British national, born in London, my mother, a southern born girl. I am 19 years old, and I consider myself an Atheist. I am sure that is why you are here, either to expand your knowledge as an Atheist, or here to try and find holes in Atheism, and use them against your Atheist friends. If you are either I encourage you to stay, and learn more about my personal views. I have been in your shows because I was a person who believed in Jesus, but I soon opened my mind, and gave myself the opportunity to doubt a god with very little proof. I feel that as an atheist I have the right to inform others about each religion, and the flaws and the lack of sense a majority, if not all religions. As I write this I listen to one of my favorite atheist speakers debate, the late Christopher Hitchens, who is discussing the circumstances which caused Jesus to be born where he was, if he was born at all. So thanks to that little tangent, I feel like the first religion I am going to place the cross hairs of logic on, is going to be Christianity, and Catholicism, which somewhat overlap, but there are some minor differences. I hope you continue to read, as I will be posting my next blog, which will be a little more in depth on Christianity and the flaws.