The First Random Rant from me

The First Random Rant from me

The first video is a random rant from me, the Affirmative Atheist!


Free Write Friday (Late I am sorry)


First off, I am sorry for being late on this, I have had a lot going this past week, and I missed free write Friday cause I was out being a Zombie. Anyway I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. So my topic for this free write was actually something a good friend of mine pointed out, and that is Religious Sensitivity and the irony of it. A majority of religions believe that you will suffer forever if you do not follow there beliefs, and they seem to be very vocal in tell atheists that they will suffer forever if they don’t follow what they believe, this is not just Christianity, as Muslims also believe in this. The moment an Atheist says anything that disproves anything in any religion, it is immediately deemed offensive to people of said religion. I have an example, I posted some things on facebook that basically ripped a new one into Christian beliefs, within 5 minutes I had people removing me off facebook, and other people just straight up commenting telling me it was offensive. Then one of my good friends commented and said that it was double standard, that Christians, and any religion really, can tell Atheists like myself that we are going to burn forever, but the moment someone calls a person of religion out, butt hurt alarm goes off. I have never really looked at it this way, and I thank him for pointing this out for me. So if you are a religious person think about it from the other side for a second, and yes I am sure you are probably a little a butt hurt now, but one of my favorite round table discussions pointed it out and I never noticed it. Here is a link if you are up for a good solid discussion on Religious butt hurt. It does include Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.