Free write Friday

So from this day on I am going try and do a free write on every Friday. I will pick any old thing and do basically write what comes to my mind. So today I have decided something a little serious that I feel being an Atheist has affected my views on. This week will be my first of many on this general idea, but I am going to go into a specific subject, and that is Politics, but specifically, abortion. Now some of you might already know or think you know what my views are on abortion, well I have been doing some thinking and research, and have actually come to, what I believe, a reasonable conclusion. There aren’t many cases for an abortion, but there are some, rape and situations where the mother and/or the child would die. I feel these are really the only acceptable conditions because they have terrible affects on others or the person involved. So just think about the people involved next time, don’t just think about your personal views, think about it from there shoes.


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